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WHIW 101.3 fm Membership

Becoming a member of WHIW is easy!  If you prefer to join in person or through the mail, WHIW volunteers can be found at events throughout the area with informational booths where you can get membership forms, you can contact a volunteer you know, or, you can just download the form below.  You can also join RIGHT NOW on-line through our paypal account!

When you decide to become a member, you, not only help us to provide unique and quality programming to your listening community, but you also provide opportunities for you local businesses and WHIW to survive. Without the generous support of our listeneners, WHIW could not exist.  Thus, we could not reach out into the homes of residents in our listening areas to provide information, education and entertainment many people depend upon.  You see, everything is interconnected; you, us, local businesses, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our billing cycle runs January 1 to December 31.

Download our membership form and mail it in with your check or money order to:

     Harvard Broadcasting Inc.

     P.O. Box 782

     Harvard, IL  60033



THANK YOU for your membership

with Harvard Broadcasting Inc.


Please note: not all of our members chose to be listed here., but we thank them for their support of community radio all the same!

John Kennedy

John & Sandra Theriault

Jack & Lou Fox

Dr. Corey Tafoya

Anne Nutley

Randy & Robin Licht

Dennis & Lisa Eisele

Ruth & Ryan Ready

Ron Hutchinson

Hans Rokus 

Scott Padjen

Erik Gustafson

Greg Amato

Alex Rodriguez

Henry Stevens

Dave Gardner

Jay Schulz

April Kick

Robert & Janice Hammersmith

Nick Espinosa

Mayor Michael P. Kelly

Matt Knop

Marty Nelson

Jayson & Kristina Hemphill

Taryn Galasso

Brian & Ingrid York

Bruce Stout

Cale Carpenter

Alan S. Fries

Antonella Ditanto

Dana C. Knight

Gil & Bernice Provo

Steve & Theresa Maskrey

Mike Broyer

Donna Clark

Lisa Haderlein & Tom Cubr
Mark & Julie Dion
Paul Breuninger
Sherril Gaston

Edward O'Brien

George & Lynette Balogi

Joe & Karen Sutera

Paul & Debra Troxel

Scott Summers

Raul Meza

Sharon McMillan 

Scott Neumann

Joe McLachlin

Alice Hayden

Mark Krause 

Scott & Kim Brix

John Vanick

LeRoy Geske

Tom & Julie Thomas

Ken & Vicki Colcord

Tom & Laura Evers

Andrew Walters

John & Linda Pohlman

Membership 2020

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