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About Us



WHIW-LP 101.3 FM, Harvard Broadcasting Inc.,

is an independent, noncommercial,

educational media organization. 

Our mission is to engage with the community

to provide diverse music, entertainment

and alternative news and public affairs programming, with emphasis on local people, issues and cultures.


As a matter of public policy during the Clinton Administration, the Federal Communications Commission opened a “window of opportunity” forlow‐power FM radio, which was to be community based and to allow a seriously local orientation to the programming. The FCC did this because the economics of the marketplace in commercial radio drove (and continue to drive) the stations to chase a certain narrow demographic in their audience. While this may be legitimate in economic terms, it does seriously limit the potential to explore the incredible scope of radio.


By encouraging community‐based LPFM, the FCC hoped that at least some of the radio spectrum could escape the driving forces of the marketplace and would help local communities establish a sense of “village.” So, they permitted LPFM, which did not present an economic threat to the commercial stations and which addressed other needs that commercial radio simply could not.


The listening audience of WHIW is diverse and our programming will reflect that.  We have thought long and hard about what goes on air here and we are proud of the programs we have and stand behind them 100%.  The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and hosts of the aired programs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, official policy or position of WHIW (Harvard Broadcasting, Inc.) or it's volunteers.


WHIW has been incorporated as WHIW since May 2015, so we are a relatively new station.  (Yes, we were Harvard Broadcasting, Inc.  Everyday operations are taken care of by volunteers; we have no paid staff.  Most of our programs are created and aired by our volunteers, and those that are not, are programs that were vetted and suggested by our listeners.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, our volunteers create and air our live programs.  Our program hosts are pastors, musicians, housewives, business owners, retirees, students...basically, your neighbors.  Our live program hosts live right here in our listening community.  Anyone of our volunteers could literally be run into at the grocery store, city hall, post office...doing daily chores!  So, yes, community radio really DOES mean community radio, and ANYONE can get involved!  Even you!

The most important aspect, next to our volunteers, though, is funding.  As community radio, we are under strict financial rules when it comes to funding the station.  Our funding is provided through donations and underwriting from the listening community and our members.  Without all of these people, we could not exist, so please let them know that their support of WHIW is greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to become a member, volunteer or donate, just click on a link below and voila!  You, too, can be a WHIW supporter!


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Sponsor a Show

Underwrite/Support the Station

WHIW Board

   and Station Staff

Executive Committee

(Executive Committee also serve as board members.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like to serve on our board of directors, please send a letter with your request and a brief resume as well as why you could benefit the station.  It will be brought to our earliest board meeting, reviewed, voted on and notification sent out.  Sent to:


David Gardner

Vice President

Jayson Hemphill


Jan Hammersmith


Maria Gardner

Board Members

Jayson Hemphill

Jan Hammersmith

Bob Hammersmith

Ron Hutchinson

Mike Broyer

Jim Mathews

Station Staff

President and General Manager

David Gardner

Programming Director

     Henry Stevens

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